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What To Keep in Your Wine Bag

That’s right. If you keep a diaper bag, why not a wine bag?  

Wine bags come in all shapes and sizes and you really don't need to lug that cooler around anymore. Even if it’s a grocery bag, having a bag just to take with you on a picnic is very simple.

If you have a busy lifestyle like us, it's good to keep a list of items you'll need and these bags have definitely helped us pack those little extras for a picnic that have been worth keeping handy. We like to grab these on our way out. I like to keep one in my car too with a table cloth inside.

The one we use the most is the brown one - it's small and insulated.

The one we use the most is the brown one - it's small and insulated.

We have three nice wine bags but if they’re not filled with necessary items that's fine. The problem is you'll have to remember all the little items you'll need like a knife. I wouldn't think to have these items until I'm laying out the food and go, "ughhhhh!!".

Here are top 7 items that mostly will come with your wine bag but that you can add to yours.

  1. Tiny cutting board
  2. Cheese knife good enough to cut sausage
  3. Cloth napkins – not paper. I always add paper napkins just for keeps. Cloth napkins make pseudo place mats too.
  4. Plastic wine cups – not red cups and not the plastic kind you throw away. Cups with stems are nice so that you can hold it from the stem if you're drinking chilled wine. 
  5. Wine Opener – Just have an extra one in your bag at all times. This would be the worst thing to forget.
  6. If you're bag doesn't come with insulation like our favorite wine bag, buy a variety of chilled packs to keep your white wine and salads chilled.
  7. A table cloth - you can get these at the dollar store but I have some plastic ones as well as pretty cloth ones too. I have added one in the bag too that you see below. 
These bags have all helped us prepare what to take.

These bags have all helped us prepare what to take.

“Is this all we do?”
”Yes, honey! This is it!” 
Malibu Wine Tasting.jpg

If you buy takeout, a lot of times you won't have plates, forks and plastic knives so it's always good to keep those in your bag too. However, I was so glad to have the above items already in my bag. All I have to remember is a bottle of wine.

Vegetarian sandwich on a picnic

Vegetarian sandwich on a picnic

If you keep these items in your wine bag all the time, you’ll have 1) something to drink your wine in 2) something to open your bottle 3) something to cut any cheese or sausage 4) something to clean up your spill and 5) something to cut your sausage and cheese on instead of your napkins that you’ll end up needing for that spill.

Here are picnics ideas. Now, go on a picnic! Just make sure you have a picnic blanket in your trunk too!

Does anyone else keep a wine bag with them?